Grow-op Clues

The major issues with grow-ops are:

  • Banks won't finance them
  • The structural integrity of the property may have been modified for vents, plumbing or electricity.
  • Mold created by the crops may have damages the structure of the property and the air quality.
  • Safety issues with the address being a known grow-op. 

Furthermore, the grow-op runs with the structure - even if your remediate, the property stays a grow-op until the property is knocked down and rebuilt.

Grow-ops aren't registered on the property's title document so it's up to the owner to indicate in the property disclosure statement that the property was formerly a grow-op. This not only stresses the importance of getting a good inspection done by a reputable inspector, but what are the clues that your prospective property was a grow-op?

  • look for modifications to vents, plumbing, and electrical systems and corresponding structural modifications
  • water damage
  • mold in the walls or in chimneys and other venting systems
  • Signs of previously blacked out windows, or a sealed mail slot.

Some of these clues may exist unrelated to a grow-op, so before you pass on your dream property, work with a reputable inspector.