3 Signs of an Oil Tank

Purchasing a property with an oil tank in the yard can cause problems. Soil contamination from corroded tanks can lead to big fines. What are some of the signs that a property has an oil tank?

  1. The house was built prior to 1975. Even more specifically, properties built between '45-'65 often used oil for heating.
  2. 2" galvanized steel pipe sticking out of the ground within 12' of the house. This is a fill pipe for the tank. 
  3. 1"-2" vent pipe - 6"-1.5' galvanized pipe with a mushroom shaped cap, close to the foundation of the house - however, they weren't always used.

The majority of neighbourhoods around Vancouver used oil tanks, so if you're buying and suspect a tank - talk to an expert and get the property (entire property - sometimes there are 2nd tanks!!!) professionally checked out.