Know Your Title

What is registered on the property title?

The legal description of a property, including:

  • the parcel identification (PID)
  • taxation authority
  • registered owner and their address
  • the title number
  • the previous title number
  • legal notations against the property (may include heritage)
  • charges, liens and interests (under-surface rights, rights of ways, covenants, judgments)
  • whether a duplicate title has been ordered and by whom
  • transfers and pending applications.


What is not registered on title?

  • Archaeological sites.
  • Former grow ops and illegal drug labs.
  • Heritage designations (not always on title).
  • Highway entitlements.
  • Stigmatized property.
  • Streamside issues – if there are fish-bearing ditches or creeks on the property.
  • Underground fuel storage tanks.