Real Estate Outlook 2019 Takeaways

Back in the office from a great weekend at the Real Estate Outlook 2019, investors conference. Despite the negative media coverage, investors are still bullish about the current real estate market in Vancouver. It’s easy to forget sometimes that the headlines that dominate the news today are remarkably similar to headlines that Vancouver saw in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000’s and 3 of the main takeaways that presenters pointed to were:

  1. Population Growth - Vancouver remains a desirable place to live, demand for real estate will stay strong here.

  2. Economic Uncertainty - Economic turmoil in the world markets means money will continue to look for stable markets. Canada and Vancouver remain stable and provide that market.

  3. Monetary Policy / Inflation - Governments will continue to cover borrowing by printing money - resulting in not just continued inflation locally, but globally.

What do you think?

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