Top Tips for Spring Cleaning



  • Fridge - Vacuum or brush off refrigerator coils for better efficiency.

  • Dust and air out area rugs outside.

  • Dust and adjust ceiling fans for proper balance and set rotation to summer setting.

  • Close the chimney flue.

  • Repot houseplants.


  • Inspect siding for cracks or other damage, paint - preventative maintenance for issues like water ingress.

  • Clean screens with a soft brush. Repairing holes is actually a really easy project and something that you can do quickly and affordably. Everything you ned will be at your local hardware store.

  • Service the A/C and clear away brush around the air intake.

  • Clean gutters and eves.

  • Seal driveway cracks if possible.

  • Power wash decks and patios

Take these few steps at the start of spring and save int he long run!